On course together to build a towering green legacy

Article by Andrew Collier

Global technical solutions giant Jacobs is just one of many major firms signed up to a new Herald backed initiative that allows companies to educate employees on climate change.

It’s perhaps not too dramatic to suggest that the planet is presently on the edge of a Doomsday scenario when it comes to climate change, however, in November this year, Scotland will have an unprecedented opportunity to take the lead in the global response to this climate emergency when it hosts the United Nations COP26 summit in Glasgow.

Preparations for this gathering are well advanced and The Herald is determined to play its full part in the debate, having recently launched a pioneering new initiative in conjunction with Climate Solutions Network.

This unique online programme has been developed by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS) in association with the universities of Stirling and Edinburgh and the Institute of Directors (IoD).

And now, leading technology enabled solutions provider Jacobs has reaffirmed its commitment to tackling climate change by offering its entire workforce the Climate Solutions Accelerator – a 90-minute online course designed to educate participants on climate change and the actions that can mitigate its impact before it is too late.

Jacobs is encouraging all employees to complete the course as part of its efforts to ensure everyone understands the role they can play in climate change action and continue to develop the critical future green skills and solutions needed for the continually evolving world.

This article by Andrew Collier was first published by The Herald on 23rd June 2021, republished here with permission.

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