How We Work With You

Content that Excites and Engages

For over 20 years, our team has been developing ‘Knowledge Transfer’ solutions to the benefit of our customers.

Our engaging and valuable video content has supported a wide range of sectors, from universities to multinational corporations, on everything from Climate Solutions to Digital Marketing, Data Management, Blockchains and Recruitment!

We understand the challenge of bringing your ‘content to life’ in video format that can be delivered in a managed learning environment 24/7.

We Match Style to the Message 

We deploy a range of delivery formats to suit the content:

  • Interviewing the experts
    Real life experts with real life experiences and stories to tell
  • Engaging animations and screen capture breakthroughs
    When it comes to explaining complex concepts; well-paced animations, with carefully chosen visuals and narratives, work well.
  • Sometimes you just have to SEE it!
    Many of our video lessons adopt what we describe as an ‘over the shoulder’ approach. Watch, as experts ‘go to work’!

Delivered in a Format to suit you

We work with every customer to ensure that the delivery of online learning meets their needs.

Perhaps you already have your own Learning Management System (LMS) and would prefer to engage with course materials via a SCORM file?

Or you don’t, but would enjoy all the operational and reporting benefits of a fully functioning LMS (without the capital investment!)?

We offer cloud-based solutions, flexible, scalable, secure, and well supported.

We deliver full LMS capability:

  • Dedicated Learning Environments
  • Independent e-learning
  • Webinars and virtual classrooms
  • Engaging and interactive user features
  • Interactive quizzes, videos, slideshows
  • Advanced reporting
  • Mobile App
  • Customer administrators – access to a reporting suite
  • Learners can be individually created, self-registered or bulk imported

Already have your own LMS?

We can provide a SCORM ‘wrapper’ to deliver the course materials to your LMS.

The ‘wrapper’ is a small SCORM 1.2 package, supported by the majority of SCORM LMS players. These grant secure access to the full SCORM course hosted by us within a SCORM Cloud.

As with SCORM courses, the file will track individual learners’ start and completion points on the course, allowing the client LMS to track their learners.

Learner information can be hashed to ensure privacy.

Access to the SCORM Cloud ensures shared visibility of the number of learner registrations and completions.

A test wrapper can be quickly provided to enable our customer to verify that this method works.

Other delivery options

And more … when full LMS functionality is not required, a link can be given to you to distribute to your learners; the learners then register to take the course (either by unique link to each learner, or one link to all).

Courses can even be delivered in a ‘web course’ format … which is accessible through all modern web browsers.

The combinations of delivery and reporting offer plenty of choice – and we can quickly narrow these options down once we understand your requirements.

We would be delighted to set up a demonstration to allow you to appreciate all the possibilities.