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Digital Pilot Licence

It’s more important than ever to take a holistic view of emerging technologies and people need to demonstrate the relationships and linkages between the major components of Data, Digital, Business resilience and themselves.

There have been many disparate approaches to solve this, all developed in their own Silos … the DPL is not only a holistic journey but also a joined-up approach from, Business, Government, Online and Academic Partners to increase Employability.

Executive Education

Serious Business leaders accept that their markets, customers and employees have ‘gone digital’ and that Data/Digital Transformation is an imperative.

Our practical and actionable programmes combine world class teaching and industry expertise to enable smarter business, smarter leaders, and smarter employees.

Our programmes provide organisations and individuals with key understanding in emerging technologies and Business process.

How We Work With You

With partners, we are creating an experience which gives students a customised, professional, learning experience. 

Our leading edge, highly flexible, scalable, secure and fully supported cloud based Learning Management System (LMS) and other platforms allows us to deliver on any device, globally, whether our partners and clients have their own LMS or not.

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Jump Digital Ltd.

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We are constantly researching and working with Partners’ to update current content as well develop and produce new Programmes in Emerging Technologies and disruptive business processes.

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