Digital Edge

  • Are you feeling challenged by Digital Marketing and Social Media?
  • How do you separate real value and knowledge from the noise and buzz?
  • How do you make more profit from your marketing spend?

Would you like an Edge over your competition?

What our Customers say
“The review of our Website and Social Media sites by Jump Digital was hugely valuable and the Video talk-throughs presented the advice and reports in a way that we found easy to understand, and gave us plenty to think about as to what we could do to take our Digital Marketing forward.
The layout of the dashboard, gives us the control to monitor and measure our Website and Social Media activity, whilst allowing us to easily identify the tasks to be undertaken. The guidance, knowledge and advice given in the video’s means that we are able to implement changes with more confidence.”

Sarah Robertson: Marketing Manager
Johnston Carmichael; Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers

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1. What does Edge deliver?

Powerful information and analysis: Your competitors, digital marketing and social media all in one place, and at your fingertips. Dynamically delivered, it transfers knowledge and empowers your people at the same time….all aligned to your business goals.
2. How is Edge different?
  We don’t supply a toolset, just “consult” or produce wordy reports. We combine highly effective video “talk-thrus”, information and “one to one” time which together guides your digital activity, educates your team and supports your decision making process.
3. Why should you care?
  You want to grow visitor numbers, sales leads and profit and need to know what your competitors do and how they are performing

Let The EDGE give you a sustainable competitive advantage

Crossing the Digital Marketing Chasm 2 minute guide

Building the Bridge across the Chasm


The Edge Talk-Thrus… a very different way

We want you and your marketing team to feel empowered to make confident decisions and that’s why it’s important to create common language between us. How do we do that? Our video talk-thrus are the secret; some specific to your sites and others generic best practice.

Here are 3 brief examples. In the first two videos we have taken a high traffic, USA based, Compensation Survey business called …and applied a few of the Edge techniques. The third video is a real life example: Pushing a competitive phrase to page1 on

Edge – in Action