Practical Consultancy

It’s not just about digital marketing knowledge…. We know that having wide-ranging business experience within the team  is actually very important as well.

We like to think that this wider experience helps keep our advice business focussed and less likely to be influenced by technology for its own sake.

Close working relationships with our customers is essential for success. Indeed, there are some marketing activities that will only work if our clients are actively involved (such as Facebook and other Social media).  That’s why we spend time with our client’s staff – training, supporting and empowering with our own video and web based resources as well as face to face and telephone support.

Our approach is simple:

> Firstly, we understand your business strategy and only then do we offer internet and digital marketing advice, guidance and tactics.

> Strategic thinking is, by defintion, for the longer term and we aim to be with you for the duration, measuring results with you along the way.

> We believe that delivery of value ultimately builds long term business relationships and don’t look to tie our customers in to long term contracts.

At the appropriate times we make introductions to a carefully selected and specialist supplier base, or can help you manage your own preferred suppliers.

That’s what we call Practical Consultancy!


Web Analytics World is where to find our latest updates, views and opinions on the world of digital marketing, web analytics and latest trends.

Guest bloggers, each with an expert view,  join us to give insights into their particular interests and passions.

The website is a large internet marketing resource with latest news from the world of digital media as well as online training guides, video and much more. We receive large volumes of traffic from around the world and have a strong  social media following with large numbers of active Facebook and Twitter followers.

We are building a store of useful “how to” guides and tutorials so why not sign up for free at and join the fun?



With a background of innovation in recruitment , Jump have created an entirely new product and philosophy to support our larger Corporate clients in their efforts to attract that much sought after section of the potential labor market – so called “passive talent”

i-Clubs gives corporates the toolset to engage with potential talent of the future, allowing these individuals to remain anonymous until they are ready to make a job move.

Our clients build a valuable “grain store” of potential talent using i-Clubs as the software platform and internet marketing tool, bringing together SEO, social media and the power of the clients own brand.

Do you think that your organization might benefit from a talent store?


Web Exits

We all know that the  internet grows, changes and adapts at remarkable speed and yet we believe the fundamentals of “traditional” business should not be overlooked.

Are you considering the question buy, sell or grow? – for your internet business?

Are you looking to exit from your internet business or perhaps unsure of how to take it to the next level?

Recognising the special needs of internet based businesses we can offer help and advice with a variety of options ranging from partnership and shared risk  to a complete sale and exit.

Like to know more?

Please just drop us an email or give us a call.